• How to Choose the Best Wall Mounted Folding Shower Seat?

    Wall mounted folding shower seat is the best solution for those who suffer from inability to stand in the shower for a long time. You can attach this kind of fold-up seat to the wall in most showers. People who move on a wheelchair or use crutches can benefit from the use of these fold-up seats. When you are not using these seats, you can simply fold them away so that other people can keep using the shower in a normal way in the household. Find out how to choose this type of seat.

    Look for metal / plastic seats

    Go for shower seats that are made out of heavy duty metal and plastic. These are placed simply in the tub/shower area, so that you can sit easily while showering. Such types of seats lower the risks of falling down, and make it convenient for disabled and elderly people to shower more easily. These offer stability, particularly in case you are off-balance or have weak legs. This type of wall mounted folding shower seat can be very useful and can let you be very stable without losing your sense of balance.

    Plastic & Aluminum

    Wood & Aluminum


    Keep an eye on the cost

    The costs of shower seats are covered by insurance, depending on the benefits offered by the policy. Many policies cover the entire expense of shower seats or benches, as these are regarded as long-lasting medical equipment. Some insurance policies offer a minimum of partial coverage. If the policy does not cover the wall mounted folding shower seat or there is possibly no need for these medical accessories, you can get them in more or less reasonable costs. The smaller seats come in the cost range of $50 - 100, while the bigger ones are available in the price range of $150 - 300.

    Look at the manufacturer name

    It is essential to look for a shower seat that comes from a top manufacturer or brand that is known as a reliable maker of medical accessories such as wheelchairs, walking sticks, braces and shower seats or benches. Good brands have to keep their reputation intact, and come with many years of experience as well as cutting-edge construction facilities where shower benches can be constructed with the latest technology.

    Brass seat
    Wood & Brass

    Teak & Stainless Steel

    Check the water resistance

    Make sure that the seats are made of a water-resistant material. Those made out of aluminum, PVC etc are sturdy and can resist damage by water or rust. Many of these come with a special type of padding that is covered with some waterproof material. It is important that you look at the catalog or package description, and have a talk with the seller about the material of construction, before you bring a wall mounted folding shower seat home.

    Look at the adjustability

    Check whether the seats, other than being foldable, are also adjustable in form. Those that come with arms, a back and adjustable legs are better to maneuver and use. Look for lightweight seats that are smaller in dimensions and designed to take very less space in the bathroom.

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